Reviews – Hard Truth

The reviews about The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy on Amazon & Barnes and Noble are 100% real, and not bought.  So, why is that so important?

Bought reviews actually read like a canned response, and they also look as if they, like form letters, are “form reviews”.

That’s what amazes me. Authors know it’s hard to get reviews, and some will buy reviews.  There are several ways to get them.  And none are easy.   You have to find the balance of getting a #bookreviewer excited enough to want to interview you.  You have to become a serious business person.

  1. We can buy our way into a review.  That’s fine for some, but it isn’t for me.  I want people to read my books, and give honest reviews.  I just don’t feel that this is the right way, but I have no problems with others buying them. It’s just not my wish.
  2. Ask for a #bookblogger to review. While that is great, yours may not ever be picked, or they may be few.  You’re lucky to get any at all if you are a new author.  They want to read the books, but that can take a long time unless you are very lucky.
  3. Celebrities have instant access to TV & other media, and everyone knows how important their books are.
  4. There are only a few entities in the literary area who control which author(s) are on the bestseller list even though there are many great writers out here who go unnoticed. Unfortunately, they are left out depriving the readers of talent.

But, the amazing thing about most authors who are just trying to get their name & book(s) out there have a huge support group!  Using all forms of social media is their only option.  Even getting book signings can be difficult.  The stores would rather have celebs instead.  But even those are help control which they control.  Some bookstores refuse any at all!  

But how can we get our books out there when the already famous and others who dominate the #literary world? Those who choose which books and/or authors others should read?

#PR #Marketing ? Is there a real answer? We could hire a #publicist right?  If you can find one who will represent you, you’re lucky.  

But the truth is most of us realize that takes money, & we just don’t have it. 

That leaves us with our own endeavors, and hope that we get lucky to be noticed. 

But, I guess that leaves one thing…persistence and faith in what we have written. Without that, none of us would even have a chance!  I have never met such a large contingent of talented authors in one place who support each other!  In fact, of all the groups I have ever seen, authors are the most loyal in their support for other authors.

It is this loyalty and support that I am honored to even be in it!  It’s important for us to continue to support each other, and be persistent in our belief in our writings.  We are artists. We paint pictures with our words.  And, that is what makes authors great!

LK Kelley, author of The White Wolf Prohecy Trilogy.


Children of the White Wolf Prophecy (No Title Yet)

~~ Prologue ~~

What goes around, usually comes back to annoy you!

Ten years ago, The White Wolf, Kaitlan O’Hara Valon, her mate Cordone, along with her friends and their mates, Sarah and Sam Knight, Anita and Dan Wheeler, and Lynn and Richard O’Malley (aka Thor), thwarted an evil off-world wizard. Kaitlan destroyed Zanack, an evil wizard who had cast a spell wrong, and had screwed up the correct timeline for thousands of years. She and her three friends were kidnapped, and taken through a time portal by Zanack to recast the curse. They won, and he lost. End of Zanack. But…

…a whole new threat named Benjamin has arisen. He desires, above all, to rule the Earth. Who and what he is, no one knows, but he is more evil than Zanack ever was. Unfortunately, he did not get to Zanack in time to torture him in order to force him to reveal the key to recasting the old timeline to his grave. He believes that the answer lies somewhere within Kaitlan’s four children, and he is determined to find it with an ancient connection called “Mind Manipulation”. Only three beings on Earth have this capability. Which one of them can he trust to find the information for him? But, will they help him? It’s his only chance to reclaim the Earth as his.

And, thus, The White Wolf Prophecy continues with the children…

I invite you to Read Chapter 1 Children of the White Wolf

~~ Children of the White Wolf ~~

~~ 1 ~~

Siblings are irritating busybodies

SHIT!” Tara squealed, putting her middle finger into her mouth. Of all the damn times for this to happen! She’d torn her nail into the quick! Now, she was going to have to get it fixed, before she met the girls in town!

“Temper, temper, Sis. And, watch your mouth!”

Tara whirled around.

“Butt the hell out, Canaan!”

“Sexual frustration much?” he laughed out loud.

Tara smacked him on the arm – hard.

“Damn it, Tara! What the fuck was that for?” Canaan rubbed his arm. Man, she hit hard!

“Because you are, plain and simple, a dick! That’s why!”

“You know you curse more than a fucking sailor, right?”

Canaan’s patience was wearing thin with her.

I cuss more than a sailor? Me? What about you?”

Canaan’s hands clinched tightly. The werewolf who mated with her was in serious trouble! He pitied that poor bastard!

“And, besides! Talk about sexual frustration? You are so surrounded by it, you can cut it with a knife!”

“Watch it, Tara! You’re really trying my patience!”

Tara threw back her head laughing at her brother. He was such a drama queen! She stopped when she saw his glare, and stared back at him. They were having their annual pissing contest that had been happening since their very first argument at the age of two. That was two in werewolf years, and they continued it every year from that point forward. It was always a toss-up who would win, and amazingly, the fights ended up alternating on who won each year. It would be Canaan’s turn this year.

Diana bounded into the room, and came to a dead stop. Oh, hell! Good! Her brother and sister were at it again! She was always fascinated with this annual contest between them! She went to the fridge, poured a glass of orange juice and grabbed a piece of fruit.

“Let’s see? What do I want this morning? Apple or banana?”

She wasn’t all that picky, so she grabbed an apple, and ran back to the bar propping her butt on a stool to watch them. Their annual piss-offs were better than TV.

Hey! Great name for a TV game show!

Yeah. She imagined how the game show would begin. “Ladies and gentlemen! It’s once again time for… ‘Piss-off’! The show that let’s you piss off anyone you want!” She laughed aloud at her own joke!

Diana stared at them trying to size them up to see who she would pick to win this year. Her brother, Canaan Darrin Valon, was named after their grandfather while Tara Seneca Valon was named after their grandmother. Figures they’d get the “cool” names! She was stuck with Diana Marie Valon, thanks to Canaan who named her when he was four!

Oops! She wasn’t paying attention to the fight! She turned back to Canaan and Tara, and bit into the apple. She chewed as she considered her brother, first. Canaan was gorgeous – well if you were a girl who wasn’t his sister that is. Diana didn’t know why all the girls just swooned around him! She cocked her head as she studied him. He was as tall as their Dad, Cordone Tristan Valon, Alpha of the Valon Clan of werewolves, but he had inherited their Mother’s blonde hair, and their Father’s black eyes and olive skin. And, he was buff – with a capital “BUFF”! His chest was large, and may have been a bit larger than Dad’s. His waist was narrow, his hips lean. And, his legs were l.o.n.g. He stood a good six-feet six inches. His blonde hair was cut very short, but long enough to leave it messy. He preferred it that way, because he hated to fuss with it. But, the girls loved it. They were all about him hoping he’d notice one of them as they giggled when he passed them on the street, and sighing at how hot he was while each hoped to become his mate. They were really dumb, but you can’t fix dumb, Diana figured. She drank some of her juice, and continued with her assessment. Canaan was strong, too. Even Uncle Sam, who was the strongest of them all, couldn’t best Canaan’s strength! His arms were bigger than her entire torso, but right now, her brother was acting like a stupid dick, still rubbing his arm where Tara had hit him. She giggled. Tara was really strong, too!

Diana shook her head staring at her brother. OK. She had to admit! He was kind of gorgeous. But, just not her type. Diana had her own idea of what her mate should look like. She shut her eyes for a moment imagining him. He was darker skinned, and had black hair like her Dad’s. He would have ice-blue eyes, a massive chest and arms, but only moderately tall. Oh, say…5 foot 11 inches. After all, she was only five-feet tall. But, there was nothing really set in stone about his height! He would be as sexy as hell. Sexy enough where she never wanted to be out from under his body while sexy enough where she never wanted him to be out of hers! Good thing she had kept this secret. She’d be teased to death by all three of her siblings if they knew!

She opened her eyes, and considered his resemblance to their Mother who was a beauty! Kaitlan Seneca O’Hara Valon was the daughter of Canaan O’Hara who was the Alpha of the O’Hara Clan. She and their Dad were disgusting a lot of the time. Mates were always pawing each other and kissing. Yeesh! Get a room, already! Well, she couldn’t wait till it was her turn, of course, but it was different with parents, right? Really gross!

Anyway, Diana had to admit that her Mom was a beauty with her beautiful fair skin, had the most beautiful green eyes and blonde hair she had ever seen. And, her Dad was also a hottie. Diana, though, deep down, harbored a deep secret. Diana really hoped to have a love like her parents for herself some day – a long time in the future, of course. She wanted to be free to do whatever she wanted before she mated!

Taking a drink of her juice, she moved on to Tara. The guys in their Clan couldn’t keep from drooling over her, and Diana could see why. She was truly beautiful. She was an enigma with her sleek, black hair that hung to her waist, and green eyes that could stare you down for hours if she wanted to do it. Most of the time, Tara threw her hair up into a high ponytail – copying off of their aunt, Lynne O’Malley. She never fussed much with it, and the ponytail suited her best. If the guys thought she was beautiful with just a ponytail, then their tongues would hang out if they saw how much more beautiful she was in the morning without any makeup, her long hair flowing over her shoulders to the middle of her back, and it was long enough to cover her perky breasts. (OK, no more sex books for you, Diana, or I wouldn’t have even given that a thought! Ick)! Her nose was small, her lips naturally dark pink, and her skin was as fair as her Mom. That’s what always drew the guys to her. Tara’s skin was without a flaw, and yet translucent. She was petite compared to Canaan, and was just barely five-feet, three inches tall, but her personality made up for that small deficiency. She was what her Dad called a “firecracker”. And, her pink mouth was always getting her into trouble. Tara’s voice brought her out of her dream state.

“Oh, hells bells!” Tara whined. “I’m supposed to meet with my friends in Denver this afternoon. We’ll continue this stupid game later, Canaan. I have to get going!”

“Ah, do you have to go, sis?” Diana complained. “I mean, you guys were just getting good!”

“Quiet, pipsqueak! I have to get out of here! It’s a long drive, and I have to go. Continue it later, Canaan?”

“Well, I don’t know. Let’s call it that I win this year since you won last year. After all, you turned away first!” Canaan laughed.

“Whatever! For goodness sakes, Canaan! We’re thirteen years old – twenty-six in human terms, and adults. Isn’t this annual piss-off getting a bit silly?” Tara asked him.

“Yeah. But, ya gotta admit it’s a lot of fun!”

Tara glared at him. He was always laughing at her, and she was damn sick, and tired of it.

“Canaan why don’t you go get your damn mate, and take your sexual frustration out on her!” She looked at her watch. “Damn! I gotta go!”

Tara turned, jumped to the first level, and ran to her room to get ready to go into Denver. She heard Canaan burst out laughing hard after her. Her Mom called it a “GRRRRRR” moment! And, right now, Tara was having one with her brother! GRRRRRR!

Diana was laughing so hard she fell off the stool! Canaan walked around the bar, and picked her up. Tears of laughter were falling from her eyes.

“You two really are better than TV!” laughed Diana trying to catch her breath.

Canaan ruffled her blonde hair.

“Sorry about that, Squirt! I’m really so glad we amuse you!”

“Yeah, well, there is one thing Tara is right about, Canaan.”

“What?” he asked as he started to leap to his room.

“When the hell are you going to mate with Lily? Don’t you two think it’s time you did?”

Canaan whirled on his sister giving her a look that made her step back from him. His tiny little sister of five feet, was just so adorably innocent with the curly, shoulder-length blonde hair that was always flowing riotously around her face. Her brilliant, coal black eyes of their Dad, sthat shone like black diamonds, were always wide with mischief. With the petite stature of her Mom, her skin was just as fair and beautiful as his Mom and Tara. Her mouth was beautifully full and luscious, and then he stopped as his eyes as his eyes noticed her chest. Wait! When had she gotten breasts? He hadn’t even noticed, and where Tara’s were a bit smaller, Diana’s were voluptuous like their Mother’s! OK. He shouldn’t be thinking about that, but hey. He was a werewolf male, and they noticed those things. Her hips had filled out, and her waist was tiny. He could easily make her blush anytime, and he just loved to embarrass her. But, this was the first time she had embarrassed him! That did not sit well with him!

Oh, hell, Diana thought. He was going into his Alpha mode! His eyes shot back up to her face. He sure didn’t need his little sister thinking he was thinking about, let alone looking at her body.

“First, it’s none of your damn business, you nosey little shrimp, and second, you are way too young to talk about such things!”

She blinked at him. Did he actually just say that to her?

“Too young? What’s wrong with you, you nutcase? Chase and I turn nine in two weeks! That’s mating age, or have you completely forgotten that? I mean, you know, boys, mating, sex? You are just so clueless and naïve, Big B! Geez!”

Canaan drew back in shock, looking at his little sister. Nine? She’d be nine in just two months? Staring at her, he was shocked. Oh, my God! His little sister had turned into a woman overnight, and he had never even noticed! OH, HELL NO! There was no fucking way he was going to let his little sister mate with anyone any time soon! As for Tara? Nope. Never gonna happen with her, either! His brotherly protection had just been triggered right along with his Alpha feelings. Both he and Tara were due to phase in seven months, but apparently, “Alpha Mode” came earlier!

“Dream on, Hummingbird!” Canaan used his old nickname for her, indicating that she was a baby, and then leaped upward to his room. He leaned over the railing staring right into her eyes.

“I have to catch the jet to St. Louis to finish my last two weeks of internship with Anita.” He paused. “Oh, and Diana? Over my damn, dead body you’ll mate at nine – or ever!”

He stormed into his room, and slammed the door.

Diana’s mouth dropped open.

“Yeah?” she yelled. “Well, you jerk! It can’t be stopped, and you know it!”

DAMN HIM! Fighting a sudden urge to stick her tongue out at him, she slammed her glass down on the bar, and made a dent in it. She dropped her head, and closed her eyes in frustration. Her Dad was going to kill her for that dent!

“What the hell is going on down there?” asked a voice above her.

She looked up. Her twin brother, Chase, stood looking down from their Dad’s office. Chase Marshall Valon was the quiet one in the family. He was studious, and always wanting to learn new things.

“Oh, nothing you’d care about, twinster! You know. It was all about sex down here!” she grumbled back to him.

“Oh. OK.” He turned, and walked back into the office. Chase was about to sit down when he stopped. Sex? They were talking about sex, and he’d missed it? He ran back to the railing.

“Did you say sex, Diana?”

Diana groaned out loud. When would she ever learn to keep her mouth shut. She knew the answer immediately. Never. Any mate of hers would really have to put up with her vocabulary, because she wasn’t changing it for any damned werewolf!

Diana glanced at the clock! Oh, she was going to be late with her date with the girls in town. She leaped to her room, and ran into it to dress while quickly texting Jessica she’d be a tad late all because of her dumb sister and brother! Of course, Diana had nothing to do with any of it. She knew Jessica was going to want to hear it all. She was so happy when her parents had given her permission to tell Jessica Daylin about them. And, she had taken it really well. Well, maybe not that well. She had been so shocked, she hadn’t talked to Diana for two days afterward, but once she got used to the idea, she called Diana. Jessica was an only, and her parents were also allowed into the secret. They took it about as well as Jessica had, but they accepted it faster than she had. Damn! She had to go!

Canaan barely made it in time for his final medical classes with Anita after a long flight to St. Louis. But, then, he was the only one in the class, anyway, and about to graduate as a Doctor for his own Clan. He had always wanted to be a doctor, and had always been fascinated with all things anatomical, including humans. But, he had a question he still needed answered. Mating. It just made no sense to him at all.

“Aunt Anita?”

“Yes, Canaan?” Anita answered as she stood up to get another book.

She had an extensive library, now, and she kept books in her office from The Hall of Records constantly. She found that there were things she still knew nothing about when it came to supers. Years ago, she had finally found the cure for vampirism’s blood lust, but she was beginning to think that there was no cure for the bacteria that wound its way around the DNA strand of their anatomy. She would never stop trying, but at this point, she was not very hopeful.

“I still don’t get our irrational matings, Anita. Can you give it to me in a more clinical aspect? Maybe then I’d get it. I mean, I watch Mom and Dad, but I can’t seem to understand the sudden attraction when one finds their mate.”

Anita shook her head. Poor boy. He wouldn’t really understand until he found his mate. And, he had already found her, but he’d been avoiding her for years. Well, she’d try, again, to explain it to him.

“It’s hard to explain the clinical aspects. Let me see if I can simply it for you.”

She turned, and placed the book onto her desk, then looked back up at Canaan.

“When werewolves mate, the first thing that happens is the eyes glow. The same thing that allows our eyes to glow in the dark at will, also happens without our will. Do you understand this?”

Canaan nodded.

“That’s simple.”

“OK. Mating begins ONLY when we see each other’s eyes glow, and a mate, normally, doesn’t show up until the age of maturity at nine years-old. Well, I have to admit there have been cases much younger. I offer your Dad and Mom up for that one. But, I mention this in a general way. After that, all bets are off. When that happens, and when our eyes meet our mate’s, it’s the end of clinical. Everything else is emotional.”

So far so good, Canaan thought.

“From this point forward, the emotions of our human self and our wolf join together, and become one with each other. Once that begins, we do not have control over our emotions. They are let loose, and are so intense that we cannot deny our mate. The mating instinct that is buried within our genes to procreate is so strong, it overrides our very being. It’s in our genes, Canaan, and it cannot be quelled, nor can it be denied.”

“Isn’t there some way to stop it?” Canaan asked with a little hope.

“No. It’s the way our Creator made us. And, it’s a good thing, Canaan. We were not made to be alone, but we were made to have a mate. Only one mate. This is why we mate for life. The mixing of the blood is what causes our bodies to desire to create our first born children. The intensity during this part is unbelievably private, but totally uncontrollable.”

“I get it. Not totally understanding, but I get it.”

Anita’s nurse came in to tell her a patient had come, and she started to excuse herself when Dan walked in heading straight for his mate. He swept her up into a wonderful kiss, then let her go leaving her breathless.

“Hey, nephew! How’s it going?” he asked Canaan after he put Anita back on the floor.

“Canaan, maybe you could get a better perspective talking to Dan? You are both men.” Anita left the room to see her patient.

“What’s the problem, Canaan?”


“What? You?”

Canaan shook his head.

“No, and saints preserve me from it!”

Dan almost laughed in his face.

“OK. Ask me what you need to know.”

“Why does the male have such a tremendous desire to impregnate their mate during the blood bond? I still don’t get it. Isn’t there something logical in it?”

“Hmmm. This is about Lily, isn’t it, Canaan?” Dan asked him knowing that Canaan refused to admit his mate was Lily. “OK. Never mind I asked. Why should it be that we desire a child with our mate during the blood bond?”

“Well, yes.” Canaan answered, ignoring his uncle’s statement about Lily.

“It’s not about logic, Canaan. It has never been about logic. It’s all about emotions. Feelings. It’s primal. It’s instinct for our wolf to wish to give our mate our child. It’s really hard to explain, but until it happens to you, you really cannot explain it. There are not clinical aspects in this. It can’t be denied, and it can’t be stopped. In other words, as werewolves, our wolves will never allow us to deny the feelings when we find out mates.”

“Not at all?”

Dan shook his head, then smiled at Canaan.

“Nope. And, trust me, nephew.” Canaan’s hand touched his shoulder, and he smiled widely at him. “You won’t want to stop it when it happens.”

Canaan realized his uncle was telling him the truth, and he nodded his head. He didn’t want to be mated to any woman. His life was dedicated to Medicine. He knew that Lily was his mate, but he had been silent on it. For several years he had avoided her like the plague. The problem was that her ninth birthday was this weekend, and after he told his Mother that he would not be attending, she told him he would attend whether, or not he liked it. He would graduate in just under two weeks, and no matter what, he would become the Doctor to the Valon Clan. He’d be around her a lot.

His plan was to avoid her eyes at all costs when he went home this weekend. He thought of another question with hope.

“OK. So what happens if a were’s mate’s eyes do not glow when you look at hers.”

“Uh, Canaan? That is not possible. Your eyes glow ONLY for your mate. Her eyes will glow, too.”

Shit! That’s what his uncle Sam had told him, too! A couple of his friends had already mated, and they walked around as if they couldn’t stand to be away from their mates for any length of time. It was disgusting, and Canaan had told them they were pussy-whipped!

“Thanks, Dan. I appreciate it.”

“No prob, Canaan. Well, I have to go check security, and I’ll see you later. We aren’t going to be able to attend Lily’s birthday, because Anita and I are going to Asgard so she can help Lynne.”

“Lynne’s about to deliver?” Well, that could put his graduation on hold!

“Yes, and Anita will need to attend her. No one on that planet has the expertise for an Elf, and she absolutely refuses to leave Richard to come here. So, Anita has to go to her. We understand duty before anything else. Give Lily and Thomas our love, and we’ll see them when we get back.”

Canaan stood up, and shook hands with Dan when Anita ran back into her office with a two presents.

“I almost forgot their presents, Canaan! Here,” she shoved two packages in his hands. “Give them to Lily and Thomas, will you?”

“Sure, Aunt Anita. You guys have a good trip, and give my love to Aunt Lynne & Uncle Richard.”

“Will do!”

After Dan left and Anita went back to her rare patient, Canaan was plotting how the hell he was going to keep from looking into Lily’s eyes. He didn’t want a mate, damn it! No, he would never look into Lily’s eyes!

Designing My Own Book Covers to Make the Books Unique

When I first wrote this blog, little did I realize that it would be my most POPULAR Blog of all.  I wanted to let other #authors out there realize they can design their own #bookcovers just like I did.  So, without further adieu, I hope you enjoy this Blog, and it helps your own ideas. And then, a little “imp” got into me, and I wanted to do something totally different I have never seen another #author do.

Originally, this was never the plan, and it was a total accident. After putting the first wolf on the first cover of the first book, I decided that I wanted to have a bit of fun with my books by putting a “hidden wolf” on each cover of each book. Later, I noticed people were having fun trying to find it, so I decided to make it a game, and I called it “Find the Wolf”, eventually, offering a chance to win a signed copy of the last book in the #trilogy!

After you read the #blog, I #invite you to “Find the Wolf” on all 3 books.  With my 10k Follower, I plan on offering the complete #trilogy – all signed – to all those who Find the Wolf on all 3 covers of all 3 books. (Tip…there is more than one on Book 3).  I will announce this on my facebook page.  Thank you for taking a chance on a new #author and reading my books! #lkkelley

Now, on to the subject matter at hand.


I chose to design my own from scratch using my own, personal photos, and those of a couple of great photogs!  Because of the cost to have someone else design it, and because I despise the “pre-cover” designs which so many are using, I wanted it unique to my first book, The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Mating ~ of the White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy.  I wrote all three books at the same time, and it helped me decide my first book cover.

Book Cover Concept Designs for The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Mating ~

First, I decided what I wanted based upon the locations in my book, and the descriptions of my characters.  In fact, in one case, I rewrote my hero’s description to fit in with the man I chose to be the hero. It was pretty easy, and I used Photoshop 9 for my book cover.  

And, believe me! If I CAN DO IT, so can you! 

Step 1



1.  CHOOSING THE BACKGROUND PHOTO:  I was lucky enough to have taken many photos on many trips to Colorado.  You can do the same thing by using one of your own photos even if it’s not exactly in the book, you can make it work. 

My first idea was to pick no less than 3 photos.  After deliberating for days on the 3, I decided upon photo #3 for its continuity.  It was perfect.  Step # 1 was done.  

#1 ~ Mt Evans
#2 ~ Mt Evans
#3 ~ Echo Lake 
 After a lot of jiggling around in Photoshop 9, and learning a bunch of new things I didn’t know before, this was what I came up with for the first cover.

Step 2

#Character #Photos

2.  CHOOSING THE FIRST CHARACTER PHOTOS:  This was a lot harder.  I had to dig into my photo database to find just the right look.  I wanted something that would match, as best as possible, the characters in the book.  After a long search, I decided upon these.


 Next, I chose 3 different backgrounds of the same background photo which represented different ideas, and put my concepts together into them.

Well, there I had it!  My very first concept cover!  I was so pleased with myself, I got up and did a jig right in the middle of my Den!  I presented it to my husband and my characters as well, and they loved it. Next, I did a “test” by letting several other people see the different covers to choose from.  It was unanimous, and #3 was my basic design!

3.  I had my background, I had my faces, and I finally had a working concept.  Next, came something even more difficult – the PhotoShoots.

Step 3


I knew this wasn’t going to be as easy as everything else.  Trying to time everyone to be in the same place at the same time, and flying whoever in was going to be tricky.  Luckily, I just happened to have these 2 people who were the PERFECT subjects. They were the same as in my original concept.

First, we held photoshoots in my #character’s places of residence thanks to two awesome photogs – Erica Boniface & from, the incredible Matt McClenahan!  This first as done at their discretion, and time constraints.  It was their job to just get them as soon as possible.  We did have a deadline, but luckily, it was a month.  So, I waited until they got it done.  There were only a few I wanted of Cordone Valon, but I knew I’d need many more of Kaitlan since she is my heroine, of course.  She and Erica did not only photoshoots inside in professional studio, but they decided to take it outside as well since Kaitlan was, after all, a werewolf!  The photos that were taken were unbelievably wonderful!  Here are few examples:





After considerable time, and frustration, the following are the photos that I decided upon.

First, Kaitlan O’Hara:



Now, I had to narrow it down even more.  Oh, goody!  I was so excited!  NOT!  Anyway, again, and after seeing these final choices, I chose Kaitlan #2 and Cordone #2.

Now, we were ready for the photoshoots for the website!  We flew Kaitlan into Tulsa, OK, and proceeded, the next day, to drive to Little Rock, AR where Cordone & Matt lived.  As fate would have it, it rained. And, when I say it rained, I mean it POURED silos of water down onto us all day long, so all our outdoor shots had to be cancelled.  Kaitlan’s hair wouldn’t cooperate, because of the humidity, and for a while, we almost had to cancel.  But, finally, after 4 hours of waiting, she was ready!  And, like everyone else, I LOVE #behindthescenes so while the pro shot the photoshoots, I shot the #behindthescenes!  So, here are a few of those pics as well.  First, the BTS shots. Trust me…it’s NOT a glamorous thing!

    And, wait:         And, wait:   

   And, wait:  

And, wait:    And, wait:    Until:

FINALLY:  We can begin!


Second, here are some of the finished shots:

            And, of course

The Official Photo of The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy

Next came one of the hardest things to do.  I had to remove the backgrounds of both.  This, I believe, takes the longest time – especially when you have never done it before.  I can’t even count how many times I removed the backgrounds.  BTW…I’m an expert, now! LOL!

Step 4

#Assembling the #Final

#Cover #Design

4. ASSEMBLING:   After all of this, I had my faces, my photos, and all I needed to do was assemble the pieces together, and put a white wolf into it.

Sounds easy, huh? As I mentioned above…the first step was specific – I HAD to remove all backgrounds.  Photoshop makes it easy, but I discovered that there are some things that even photoshop just can’t do!  I was able to eliminate a great deal, but not enough.  I could remove things, but some of those things I wanted to keep!  So, I had to resort to another cool little tool in the Photoshop arsenal. And, with it, I was able to completely take out only what I wanted out, and keep what I wanted.  What I didn’t realize?  Was that this was going to take me FOREVER!  For over a week, I worked at it, and had to start over far more than once.  But, the more I did it, the better I got at it, until I can do this with my eyes closed, now!  Anyway, I managed to get exactly what I wanted, apply effects and filters to the photos, and FINALLY, I was ready to apply it to my book cover!  BTW…I’m an expert, now! LOL!

Well, I finally had my cover finished!  I sent it to the publisher who told me he loved it…EXCEPT!

As writers, we ALL know that there is ALWAYS A “BUT” IN THE EQUATION!  If I kept the photos where they were, they would be cut off on the spine of the book! So, back to the drawing board, and I had to REDESIGN my entire cover!  So, that’s what I did. I basically kept the same design, but moved it over to the right side of the book.  And, then…




It was at this point that I thought I was almost done. I was satisfied with the finished product (see below).   All I needed to do was to put the name of the book, and my name.  I did this, and sent it to my publisher who approved it, and sent me the finished book cover.  I looked a it, and kept thinking something didn’t look right.  That was when I cussed – LOUDLY!  I quickly typed off a fast note to my publisher telling him to NOT have the cover printed, and why! But, why was I so upset?

Well,  I discovered, much to my dismay,  after I had thought I finished, I realized I had split the background photo into two parts, and what should be the back half for the book of Echo Lake? Well, it was on the book’s front!  I was really irritated.  Now, I had to go back and redo it – AGAIN – to make it right. I’m going to admit to you that I was so angry at myself, I almost threw it out the window, and I was actually tempted to leave it as it was.  But, my gut, and my penchant for excellence, was telling me that I was taking the easy way out, and so, I redid the front – again.  But, I closed it all out, and didn’t bother to come back to it until a few days later, simply because I didn’t need to be angry!

                                      Background photo should be the back of the book

After a few days, I came back, and did it all over, again.  This time, though, I went slowly to make sure I had it right.  And, voila!  I had it!  I almost danced all over my house in glee!  Until my #publisher told me that I needed to move Kaitlan’s face over, and Cordone up a bit, because the characters would have their faces and hair partially removed.  So, here I went again!  I had to start again. But, this time, I got it right!

                                                    Front of the book – Corrected

Step 5


So, FINALLY, I slapped the Title of my Book and my name on the book, and then realized I didn’t know what font I wanted to use.  I experimented for a couple of days with different fonts, finally deciding upon one, and I was finally finished.  Saving it to 600 dpi, and 8.50 x 11.50 inches, I was finally finished, and off it went to the publisher.   But, it didn’t end there.  There were a couple more redos, because of the placement of the Title that was too big, and my name wasn’t big enough.  But, these didn’t take too long, and I was finally done, and the publisher was totally impressed by the final product!

And, here is the finished product:

What Did I Learn by 

Designing My Book Cover?

  • Pay attention to the placement of photo on the book
  • Save #photos to 600 DPI @ 11.50 x 8.50
  • Pay attention to the spine of the book cover
  • Have really great #photoshoots, or at least excellent photos already taken, and save each one of them to 600 DPI
  • When I had a good design, I saved the basics of that design so I could use it, and alter it if needed saving each of those as a separate file as well.
  • I also learned to save photos with no backgrounds especially if I changed anything at all.

I know that not everyone is able to design their own cover.  Perhaps they just don’t want to take the time hiring it done, the expense, or would just pick a stock book cover.  But, I wanted my book cover to be different than everyone else’s out there.  I believe I succeeded.

Just like my book, it’s unique.  My characters are a completely new concept to the supernatural world, and are just as unique.  I wanted the same for my cover.  If you look just above Cordone’s right shoulder and into Kaitlan’s hair, you will see a “ghost” of a White Wolf.

This was actually a lot of fun – designing a book cover!  Fun, exciting, and not only am I proud of the story within the cover, but my cover is totally unique, and I did it!

The next book is being edited as I write this, and I am also about to design my cover for the second book in The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy!


Using what I learned above, I assembled the cover for book 2.  I wanted my books to be uniform with slight changes so that anyone buying the books would be able to recognize them immediately.  This time it took me 1/4 of the time it took me the first time around, I invite you to judge the results. 

And, now, the cover of the last book of the Trilogy:







You can purchase my book right here, as well as at book stores around the area.

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And, other countries on Amazon in Japan, Spain and Italy.  Others are coming, so check Amazon out where you live!  

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Trilogy is said to be: “It’s Twilight Meets 50 Shades of Grey”!

The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy is far from the normal werewolf, vampire, elf, or other fantasy books.  It is nothing like you have ever read before, and I PERSONALLY guarantee you an ending that will blow anything you have ever read out of the water!. This is why I wrote an # ADULT #SUPERNATURAL book. I am extremely honored since it has been described as:  

Laura Kelley: “It’s Twilight Meets 50 Shades of Grey”!     

Syn Dee-IconiciTV: “Since this is Twilight meets 50 shades this could get really weird or really HOTT!”

Synopsis of The White Wolf Prophecy

This link will give you a chance to Read the 1st Two Chapters of book 1 ~ Mating ~

It is not out of the realm to say that a great many, if not most, supernatural/fantasy books are #targeted to teens between twelve and eighteen. Many women between the ages of eighteen and sixty are either publicly, or “secretly”, #readers of supernatural/fantasy teen books.  However, it is not just teenagers who like to see themselves as a “heroine”, but they would like to receive “supernatural powers”, too, but with adult #themes.  What they want added is far more intense, and explicit, writing which would not be appropriate for teenage books. Because of this, I not only interviewed several women, but it was then that I realized that I was not alone in these same wants! And, more importantly?  The age of the women varied greatly!  I spoke to women who were twenty, thirty, forty, and then for fun, I asked women who were fifty and sixty! What I discovered stunned me!  Each of these women, no matter their age, wanted the same thing!  Each was excited to finally have an adult write books that they could really connect with and enjoy!  

So, that’s when I wrote “The White Wolf Prophecy, Mating“, Book One (a Trilogy) to be followed by “The White Wolf Prophecy, Hall of Records”, and the third book, “The White Wolf Prophecy, Scroll of Time”.  I’m also working on a fourth supplemental book series in The White Wolf Prophecy line – “The White Wolf Prophecy: Children of The White Wolf”. I specifically incorporate not only the supernatural/fantasy, but adult themes for women.  This includes #love, #romance, laughter, #sex #scenes, supernatural abilities, family, #evil, and so much more.  WordPress Post

After speaking with several #women within these age groups, I discovered a great need for supernatural/fantasy books for adult women.  One of the best examples of this as fact is the huge popularity of  “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  Women want so much more than a teenage, or YA, book can deliver.  I believe my book is exactly what they want based on research, the reviews I have received, and the excitement for the second book before the first proof book was ever received. I, also targeted this age range, because as our population ages, the majority of readers will be within this age group, and will be buying most all books.  And, this is something everyone needs to consider seriously.

Based on #5-star #reviews received from women, as well as a man who asked to read and review it, the excitement for Book 2 has brought forth begging me for Book 2 – “The White Wolf Prophecy: “Hall of Records”.  They cannot wait to find out what happens.  Also, those who have read the first two #chapters in the PDF supplied online have been excited, want more, and want to purchase the book.  All of the reviews just reinforce the proof that women’s desire for their own supernatural books is wanted en masse, but with more romance, sex in detail, #danger, evil, a true plot, along with character #development that moves along

In addition, many women have wondered, and asked me, why only teenagers are given “supernatural powers”, and at such young ages. It is strange to them that “supernatural #powers” should be given to those who are  teenagers, have not experienced #life, and do not have the ability to wield them.  It has not been lost on adults that  teenagers are just about the only available books with adults who appear either dumb, or the parent(s), or adult in their life, cannot handle the supernatural world, and the teenager(s) hide the fact from the adults in their life when the opposite should be the case.

This is not to say that the teenage books do not have their place. An adult woman, however, should not need to resort to books for teenagers due to the lack of #mature books.  My intent was to merge all of these ingredients into a book series for women adding full, mature themes.  Thus, in my book, “supernatural powers” do not come into being until the age of twenty-seven when my #heroine, Kaitlan, receives her “supernatural powers”.  

The book is an entirely different twist on the supernatural world of fantasy with #werewolves, #vampires, #elves, as well as #humans.   While it revolves around werewolves, a curse cast thousands of years before changed the world which changed all the supernatural races.  The White Wolf Prophecy is the key upon the appearance of The White Wolf.  The races of Earth are in #clans.   Vampires have a partial cure where they do not need blood all the time, the ability to go out into the light, function normally, and can eat real food.  Elves hold all the secrets, and a human becomes supernatural. 

“The White Wolf Prophecy: Mating“, Book One, holds all the elements of the supernatural fantasies for adult women who feel they have very few choices. Based on my research, I believe that my book gives adult women exactly what they are craving. Love, romance, #mating, sex, danger, evil, and supernatural powers are all inclusive with a mystery plot, and heavy character development that is not stagnant.  And, an ending in Book three that will blow all of it out of the water! 

There is a huge, untapped #market for women in supernatural/fantasy #books.  And, and so, I decided to tap it!  

In conclusion:  I wrote this #trilogy SPECIFICALLY for YOU – the adult female of the age from 21 and up!  I was told that I needed to narrow the age group down.  But, honestly?  How can I do this when my own interviews showed me a HUGE diversification of ages in women.  On another note I was NOT prepared for was that MEN are enjoying the trilogy just as much as women!  I was not at all ready for that, but maybe I did hit a group of women and men who really wanted this.  Remember…a great many women – especially older ones – are “closet readers”.  Most people don’t even know they like supernatural books!  I used to be one of them, but no longer – obviously!

The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Mating ~ Book 1  9781615000500

The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Hall of Records ~ Book 2  9781615000562

 New White Wolf book 3 front coveraaa

 The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Scroll of Time ~ Book 3  9781615000593

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