The Unforgettable Kiss by Tamara Ferguson

When I first started reading this wonderful story, the Prologue grabbed me instantly, because, like her character, Kassie, we have several things in common. I had a best friend who had an incurable disease as well. She lost her life due to an inoperable brain tumor when we were 8. The last times we had together with my other three best friends, were precious to all of us, but we never would be the same again. I am also a Professional Interior Decorator, so I love the scenes about construction, and remodeling. Finally, Tamara weaves a very engaging story about love at first sight, that lasts even when they are no longer together. Fighting this true love is always hard, but just another thing I believe in, since my husband and I fell in love at first sight.

And, that’s where similarities end. Her love interests were wide and varied until Michael Murphy enters the scene. He’s her parents’ godson, and wants to be an architect, but needs to learn some basics. Unknown to Kassie, Murphy has been brought in to help find who is taking their construction supplies. After pointing the reader into different directions, Tamara has the reader going in circles as to who the thief really is, and as usual, the villain in the piece isn’t the one you think it is, as her writing shows the jealousy of not just one man, but of others toward the main character. Kassie needs control of her own life, because her sister had been attacked, and she uses that control in an unique way. Not only did her best friend die at 14, but there have been murders and assaults over the years in this small community. Her own sister, Lucy, was also the victim of an assault, and the similarities abound for many little girls and women in the area. Thefts from her Father’s construction company, abound, yet no one, despite all the surveillance can figure out who is the culprit. It took me 3/4 of the way through, before I realized who the culprit had to be! At first, I had the suspects lined up, until. I saw the one thing that clued me into who it was.

Nope! I’m not going to tell you! This is a great read, and I truly enjoyed it immensely! You can’t go wrong with Tamara’s awesome books, and there is a reason why she wins all kinds of awards.

I am not only an editor and writer, but I am also an avid reader and I love reviewing books when I get a chance! Enjoy this amazing book, and others that she has written as well!



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