Nature vs Man

I have been asked over & over why I love watching disaster movies. I always answered, “I don’t know. I just do”. I never really stopped to consider it. When I did, I still couldn’t understand why.

Years have passed, and still, I couldn’t figure it all out – until early this morning. I recently watched San Andreas & Salvation’s 1st season. Then, my mind strayed to other disaster movies, and books as well, that I love & hate – even the silly ones. Finally, I have an answer to their questions.

This world is on the precipice of fast & severe change. I say this, because Earth does not belong to man. Whether by prophecy or physical destruction which may cause this change, is up for debate. Personally, I go the prophecy way. But, the biggest thing is that, regardless of what man thinks, it is completely out of our control. We can’t stop it or change it. We are but another species living here out of millions that were in charge before. It really doesn’t matter whether that species is or was intelligent. We are as insignificant as a grain of sand in the cosmos. While not so to the creator, who already has unbelievable and exciting plans for His faithful believers in Jesus, still we are doomed at some point.

I also realize that the key words in all of this are “out of our control”. The Earth has survived incredible changes over millions of years. However, Earth is the one who always comes out the winner. It’s tiny life forms never have. The Earth has survived worldwide floods, massive earthquakes in a scale that we only can imagine, and storms on an ecological scale. And, still the puny life forms lose every single time. It mattered not if they have logical and/or intelligence. They lost. Period. Earth has survived wars, atomic bombs, nuclear bomb tests, and other things none of know about, that have been all practiced in secrecy. We are just now witnessing climate changes that are cyclical. All anyone has to do is backtrack BEFORE RECORDED history of our weather. It’s so easy to find it’s embarrassing to think of those whose ignorance goes by recorded weather history only. If the past Earth wasn’t effected permanently by its inhabitants in even harsher events, then to think man is at fault for climate is ludicrous and beyond arrogant.

We are just a group of different passengers on this planet, as Disney’s Spaceship Earth imparts. We are as temporary as were those creatures who came before us, and if any come after us. Think about that for a minute. Life does not exist at our pleasure, nor anything that nature has to throw at us. We exist at nature’s pleasure.

And, that is why I like disaster movies and books as well. Neither the cast and crew along with their directors and producers, and authors, realize that they are actually showing and telling us that we are not in control of nature at all. On the contrary, they show us just how fragile our existence really is, and despite our efforts at trying to pretend we can control the planet, these movies and books show us that life can literally be changed or destroyed in an instant by what’s under our feet, swirling in the air, exploding from the depths and what can fall from above.

But perhaps I don’t totally believe that man cannot effect change. After all, we have an uncanny ability to destroy life as we know it by having invented the most deadly killers man has ever devised. But, you know what? The Earth will still survive, even though we might not. Forever? No. That, too, would be arrogant.

So, my answer is I watch and read disaster movies and books, because they remind me to never think that man is permanent. That neither we, nor those that came before or after, have any control over the effects of nature, whether they come from without or within. Arrogance will always be the downfall of man. The other species’ downfall was simply because they were here. It is not existing or intelligence that effect nature. It IS nature that effects itself. We are just at it’s mercy, and along for the ride.


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