Puzzle for White Wolf Prophecy Fans

Who is Richard? I thought I’d share a little puzzle with you. Can you guess?  192543_10151215057674681_1133537670_o


Richard closed his eyes, trying to calm down. Nope. There was no way he was going to get out of this, now.

“Wait with the others, Linora. Please. I have to retrieve something.” He walked with Lynne to the others, and left her there. Then, he walked back to the lift. He rode the lift up to The Hall. Stepping out, he stayed in the shadows as his eyes went to the icon he had hidden so long ago to protect his real identity, and had never thought to need again. He held out his hand.

“Lynne? What the hell?” Sarah asked as they all just watched Richard leave.

Lynne shrugged her shoulders. She had known Eric for thousands of years. But, never had she seen him like this. She was as confused as everyone else. So, what wasn’t confusing about all of this?

Kaitlan’s new form was giving her a clarity that she never had as a werewolf, or human. She was trying to remember something Richard had said in an earlier conversation she had with him while she made him a sandwich. It was on the tip of her tongue. What was it? Then, snippets came back to her as she felt the fog lifting. He had told them that he had chosen to protect Earth and its inhabitants. Damn, it was starting to give her a headache! Well, she’d figure it out sooner or later. In that same instant, she heard four words popping into her head. The Hall of Records. Why did that sound so familiar? No, it’s not just about the archive of all knowledge. It was the NAME of The Hall. And, according to Richard, it had never been in Egypt under the Sphinx as was the current thinking in alternative science. That was it! Richard had told her that he had moved it from a northern country. A northern country ….

The entire cavern lit up with thunder and lightning, blinding everyone.

Turning slowly toward the direction from where it all seemed to come, a man on the lift, his arm raised with an odd object in his hand. From that object came lightening and thunder.

“Who the hell is that?” Cordone demanded to no one.

He was commanding in his very stance. His height? Almost six-foot nine? His bare torso was very broad, toned, tight, and his skin fair. He wore brown leather pants. His arms were massive as were his legs. His eyes glowed with a blue light, and his shoulder length hair was blonde! In his hand he held a what? A triangle? On a stick? Kaitlan almost had it! Her brain started working overtime.

Their mouths open, their bodies frozen with shock at this figure that wielded such massive power. The man stopped his demonstration, and jumped from the lift to the assembly. Where a werewolf had no problem jumping long distances up and down, this man almost flew! He landed directly in the center of all. Then, raised himself to his full height. To look at the women gape, you would think that they were teenage girls with their first crush! Yes, he was that gorgeous!

It was then, Kaitlan realized what he held in his hand, and her white furry legs collapsed out from under her. Cordone caught her before she reached the ground.

OMG!“ she said, almost to herself.

“It’s not possible! It can’t be! You’re not real!” Kaitlan vocalized aloud. “That would be too crazy!”

The man smiled at Kaitlan with beautiful, snow white teeth.

“I knew you would guess who I am, Kaitlan. Your knowledge, reading and editing skills belong to the only person who could possibly figure it out!”

Lynne’s mouth dropped – and so did her legs. Dan caught her before she hit the ground.

It can’t be! This gorgeous man was speaking – with Eric’s voice!” she thought.

Yes, mate. It is I.” Eric answered her.

“E-Eric?” Lynne stuttered softly. “How … I mean … why … I-I mean….”

“I’m sorry, Linora. I should have known. The tornado … It was time unraveling.”

He held out his arm, picked Lynne up as if she were a feather, and held her by his side as he turned to explain things to everyone. All Lynne could do was stare up into the face of the most gorgeous man she had ever seen.

“Eric, and Richard are only a few of many names by which I am known.”

Kaitlan looked at everyone else. Their eyes were questions. Sarah, Lynne, and Anita were just dumbfounded. The men were puzzled. She frowned at them.

“What is it with all of you? Don’t you know who this is?” Kaitlan was exasperated.

“Uh … no? Should we?” answered Dan.

“Oh for the love of …. ” And, that’s when the final piece of the puzzle came forward. Kaitlan put it all together in an instant.

She whispered loud enough for all to hear.

“Hot damn! It’s been there … right in front of us all this time, hasn’t it, Richard?” He grinned at her deciding to let Kaitlan tell everyone who he was. “The Hall of Records.”

“Kaitlan, what the hell are you babbling about?” Cordone asked her grabbing her shoulders, and shaking her.

“The [T] Hall [H] of [O] Records [R].” Kaitlan said it like a cheer. “And, what does that spell?


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