The Teacher Who Taught me To BS in Writing

I’ve been asked”Did you write in school?”  

Well, yes I did, but not books.  Book reports, term papers, short stories, essays – like everyone else. All through school, I managed to BS my way through my writings that were so believable, they never even knew! 

The funny thing is that they had no idea that I was BSing for their benefit, giving them what they wanted, and they never knew the difference!   
Except for one English Lit teacher, named Mrs. Werner, who taught me how to BS!  She had to be one of the strangest women I ever met!  She rarely taught what was in the books, but preferred to make up her own stories. And let me tell you! They were VERY strange, and nutty as a pecan pie!  She was a Scifi lover, and she wrote them for us to have fun!  Only I didn’t.  I got my 1st F at the end of first quarter. I was devastated!  I’d always been a straight A student in English, but not at that point.  And, quite frankly she scared me!

After the D in the second quarter, she came to me with an offer. She was taking a continuing education course on how to help students. She asked if I wanted to be helped. I jumped at the chance! D’s & F’s weren’t going to cut the cheese with me! 

So, the rules were, we met in her class room during my study hall & her own time.  A huge tape recorder was there for our sessions, so she could take the tape to her professors.  For the next 6 weeks, we worked hard. By the time we finished, I had gotten a C in 3rd quarter, and finally…I earned my ‘A’! She earned an A, too! And, a bonus?  She taught me to let my imagination fly just like she did with her crazy stories! 

After her mentoring,  I could write like a pro!  And she told me to always give the teacher what they wanted – even if it wasn’t your belief! And, to BS my way through it!  So, I did and never made anything but an A again. I graduated from college with a 4.0!  

She made a HUGE impact on my life, and my writing.  I just wish I had started writing books long before this!  And, I wished I had told her how I felt. 

So, I want to thank her from the bottom, and top, for inspiring me to attain my best, and how to write with no limitations to my imagination! But, plenty when it came to grammar & punctuation! She was my biggest inspiration, and when I wrote  the White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy, I couldn’t help but channel her for it! Give people what they want, and a great story that’s different, interesting, and hopefully fun to read with heart and soul.  I think she’d be happy I turned our work together into something meaningful!  


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