Writing & Working Another Job

One question that I’m asked is is:

Do you work another job, or stay home to write?

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If only I could write full time, I’d be the happiest person on Earth…BUT, let’s face it.  Unless you are a top author, most of us will have to work an outside job.

Next, I’m asked:

How do you do it?

Good question. The answer, for me is…very carefully!  😊 Like many authors, you can’t live on just your books.  There are “starving Artists”, and we can add “starving Authors” to that list.   Or, what I like to call it…

The “starving Artists & Authors Club”.

OK…that’s a bit silly, but you get the idea.

But, the true answer to those quesions?  Balance.  Learning to balance one’s desire and need to write with the time “off” needed to work a job on the “outside”, can be taxing and trying.  If you work part-time, it’s a bit easier to juggle, but when you’re working almost to full time, your resources and time are split in two.  Even more is that you also have to make time to do all the other things that you have to do just for daily living.

For instance: watching TV,  washing clothes, shopping, paying the bills, cleaning the house, and even more challenging? Finding time for others that are in one’s life.

In my opinion, there just aren’t enough hours in the day time!  And, that is why most authors write in late evening and even until the night hours.  In order to do so, we just have to do the best that we can.  It might not be enough, but a writer lives within his/her own mind.  The characters that they envision are almost real friends to us.  I mean…each story behind Kaitlyn, Sarah, Anita, and Lynne, are completely lodged inside my mind. And, they will always be so!

The challenge of having an outside job, becomes even more pronounced when your hours increase to the point, you can honestly say that you are just too tired to write. When that occurs, your imagination “goes on vacation”.  It becomes even harder to find the time to want to write!

Honestly, it’s not easy to find that balance.  I wish that I could actually “write” part of my real life, so I can add time to 24 hours on Earth!  I can write almost non-stop as I go through the day when I have the time!

Oh, and I’m not a vampire!  I can’t sleep days, work days, and be awake at night.  So, as you see, this whole topic is a real dilemma!

But, how to do it?  That’s the 64 thousand dollar question!   Uh…ooops! Forgot to allow for inflation!

That’s the  10 million dollar question!

I have a solution – for myself.  I get up a bit early before work, write a bit, then head on my way.  In the evening, I try to write more.  But, this doesn’t always work, simply because I’m just to big of a “pooped pup”!

Ah, but does it equate to my writing?  Does it mean that I can’t write quality books?  Absolutely NOT BY THE HAIR OF YOUR CHINNY CHIN CHIN!” In fact, sometimes, when I am tired, I have written my best works!

So, I figured out the real solution!  It’s called:  “grab the time to write whenever you have downtime”!  And, that’s what I do!  But, if I had my druthers?  I would “druther” write 100% of the time!  And, most of my colleagues in the author world would probably agree with me.

One thing you should NEVER Do?  Don’t let writing become your entire focus. Yes, we already know we have to make time for working. But, ther rest of the time?  Relax, and take time out for your family. They are the most important thing.  Family can be your family and friends.  Just don’t neglect them just because you want to write.  I did that for 3 months when writing the White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy.  I learned my lesson, and won’t make that mistake, again!

So, the moral is…it’s OK to write and to work another job.  Remember, most of us are in that same boat you are rowing, so you’re not alone.  The trick is balance.

  1. Set days and times to write, letting your loved ones know that is your own, special time.
  2. Do NOT neglect your family – even if you have to give up writing for a day or week (if you go on a vacation)
  3. Do NOT neglect your friends.
  4. Do NOT neglect your housework! (Even though I know, and you know, that it’s the easy thing to do! 😉 )
  5. Above all…find time to RELAX, and let your mind wander! Take a bath; cook; clean, or whatever else will help your mind not dwell on the negative.

When you can find these, your time to write will flow easily, even though you may not have a lot of it.  So, make the most of the time when you do write!  Remember…it’s about QUALITY, not quantity!

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