Kaitlan Seneca O’Hara ~ The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy

 Kaitlan Seneca O’Hara is the daughter of Canaan O’Hara, and the book editor for,the Seneca Publishing House in St Louis, Missouri.  It’s also her 27th birthday – the day that werewolves become, well. Werewolves.  She has a best friend, Sarah Collins, and her other two friends are Anita and Lynne. Oh, and she is utterly clueless that she is a werewolf until her Father’s life is threatened by a great evil.  But even more than that, Kaitlan is unaware that she has a mate. And, thanks to an ancient prophecy, her life is about to change forever.

Canaan decided to raise Kaitlan as a human when her Mother, Tara O’Hara, died in Childbirth. Unknown to her, her Father’s First, and best friend, Cordone Tristan Valon claimed her as his mate. Coincidentally, Cordone also delivered Kaitlan, since their clan’s Doctor was away.  Afterward, Cordone left the clan, and went into seclusion becoming the best selling author in the world for Seneca Publishing.  

Kaitlan met her best friend, Sarah Collins, while in grade school, and her first dose of reality that cruelty existed in the world existed.  She befriended Sarah, who became like her sister. 

Kaitlan is also engaged to a man named Steve, and discovers him in bed with another woman, causing her heart to break. 

Canaan finds his life in danger from and ancient evil known as Zanack.  And, Kaitlan’s life is in danger as well.  So, her Father sends her to Cordone in order to protect her. KaitlN and Cordone have had “words” over the phone since she was his editor…and by damn…he is the bane of her existence!  She has no intention of going to him until her Father orders her to do so. She’s helpless against his Alpha, and complies.  Canaan knows that he should have to,d her what and who she is, yet he never explained.  Now, it will be up to Cordone to do it and he isn’t happy! 

Kaitlan meets Cordone, and from there, her destiny calls her relentlessly.  Her first phase scares her to death, and she runs away. Cordone follows shocked to discover that not only is Kaitlan his mate, but becomes the White Wolf of an ancient prophecy telling of an evil that only  the White Wolf will be ab,e to defeat.  

And, everyone believed the White Wolf was a myth. But, as Kaitlan becomes this myth, it begins to usher in a whole new world for the supernaturals. 

But, Kaitlan was born to defeat Zanack. Once she has mated with Cordone, her three friends must also find their mates. The four women and their mates are thrown into an ending like no other. And Kailan will have to make the hardest decision i  her life to get rid of the evil of Zanack, and restore a timeline that has been torn asunder by hi.  



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