Subnormal by Stuart Kenyon

You have heard the term “Truth is stranger than fiction”. But, in Stuart Kenyon’s book, “Subnormal”, I can honestly say that “fiction is stranger than truth”, because his fiction world rings too much like truth! 
It’s just realistic enough to be frightening to the reader, and you are thrown into a world of a woman who has connived to create a slave labor force of people who are not “perfect” – both mentally and physically – complete with horrible punishments. And the kicker? A drug was created by 2 scientists that serves t, one who “dies”, the other basically “runs”. And the drug acts like a sedative subduing and suppressing one’s very personality.  

But the evil woman and her new political party takes control by not only drugging people who aren’t perfect, but drugging the entire country of the UK through the water supply. 
But there is one thing they didn’t former, and that is the surprise! But, beware! You will NEVER see the end coming! 
And, guys? It’s a WHOPPER of an ending to the first book in the series!  


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