Hybrid Justice by Sallyann Phillips

Hybrid Justice is book 2 in the Tavi series by Sallyann Phillips.  After reading Angels Blood, and loving it, I had to get the second one. And, am I ever happy about it!  Coming in both paperback and Kindle, you’ll find the format you love!

Hybrid Justice
Hybrid Justice by Sallyann Phillips

Like me, Sallyann decided to take the werewolf stereotypes as well as vampires and rip them to shreds!

Tavi is like no other werewolf you have ever read about, and she is one huge kick-ass female! She is the only one of her kind, because she has the blood of four races in her system – Werewolf, Vampire, Human, and Angel.  With her Angel’s blood, she can heal the other races of supernatural beings.  But, when she is angry?  Oh, MAN!  She turns into something no one has ever seen, and the evil supernatural in the world shake in their “booties” when she changes form.  And, she meets someone she does not expect as well.

Despite Tavi’s “wait” for love between them, Cade and Tavi become closer than ever. So do several other werewolves who have found their mates for life since werewolves do mate for life. Ah, but there are also OTHER surprise matings as well.

If you are squeamish about blood, guts, intestines, heart ripping, etc., you need to know this before reading these books.  Her descriptions of these is very graphic.  For that is about the only stereotype that remains. But, without these, the book would not be the great read that it is!  And, I, personally, endorse the books!

I’m never one for revealing plots, because I like to read something for myself without spoilers. But, I will say this…If you haven’t read Angel’s Blood, you have to do so!  And, once you’ve read it, then by golly, you’ll CRAVE Hybrid Justice.

Oh, and Sallyann?  I CAN’T WAIT FOR 3!!!!  Find her on the links below!

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Interview with LK Kelly

Truly honored by Lela Markham’s invite to be interviewed on her blog! Thanks, Lela!


LK Kelly Photo1Today’s interview is with L.K. Kelly, who has been a great supporter on Twitter. Welcome to the blog, Kim. Tell us something about yourself.

First, I want to thank you for the invite, Lela.  I am truly honored.  My name is LK Kelley, but most people call me “Kim”.  My first name is a “secret”!  Doesn’t fit my personality! 🙂  OK.  I was born somewhere in Pulaski County, Arkansas, and placed for adoption.  I was adopted when I was 7 months old on December 3, and taken to live in Fort Smith, Arkansas by my adoptive parents, Jerry and Curtis Smith.  I would get the last name of Smith! 😉  I attended grade, junior, and high school, and lived there for 20 years.  I am married to a fabulous man, Wesley Kelley, and have been for 41 years just this past June 1, 2015.  Still don’t know why he chose…

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Subnormal by Stuart Kenyon

You have heard the term “Truth is stranger than fiction”. But, in Stuart Kenyon’s book, “Subnormal”, I can honestly say that “fiction is stranger than truth”, because his fiction world rings too much like truth! 
It’s just realistic enough to be frightening to the reader, and you are thrown into a world of a woman who has connived to create a slave labor force of people who are not “perfect” – both mentally and physically – complete with horrible punishments. And the kicker? A drug was created by 2 scientists that serves t, one who “dies”, the other basically “runs”. And the drug acts like a sedative subduing and suppressing one’s very personality.  

But the evil woman and her new political party takes control by not only drugging people who aren’t perfect, but drugging the entire country of the UK through the water supply. 
But there is one thing they didn’t former, and that is the surprise! But, beware! You will NEVER see the end coming! 
And, guys? It’s a WHOPPER of an ending to the first book in the series!