eBooks to Read, but can be Returned in 7 Days? 

What seems to work for one author doesn’t seem to work for another? Is there a reason why?  Or is it just plain old Public Relations and marketing?

I decided to see what works. So, the first thing I wanted to discuss is this.  

Does the word “Free” work better than $.99?  And does $.99 work better than normal pricing?  Is one better than the other?  
We tried “Free” back in December, and had lots of sales.  My books, on #Kindle & #Nook were only $3.99 normally.  But once the price rose back to the normal price, sales dropped.  

Now, I like free just like everyone else, BUT readers need to understand that we are not in the business of give always.  Whether an #author realizes it or not, #writingis a business.  

No On my way! Thomas a thing about paying .99 or morte for music.  Yet, they want #authors to give away their books. And if they do buy them, some top stores give readers 7 days to return  ebooks!  So, buyers can still read our books, & can return them for a refund.  We do not get paid.  

I Remember just before I published my 1st book.  Lawsuits abounded because of practices like this.  

The store still gets paid but not the #author.  What are authors supposed to do?  Well, you can set up your ebooks as non-refundable. But that can limit the buyers. There has to be a way we can make sure that we get paid. It worked for the media area, so why not us?   

It is grossly unfair of bookstores to allow their customers to buy, download, then return books, and all within a large period where they. A read over and over, then return the books, & get their money back. The store sits on the money for 7 days, or 30 for paperback or hardback, while they get interest on the book, and yet, #authors get zip!  This is not the way to do business.