Why the White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy is Different than Other Paranormal Books

So, what does make my trilogy so different than others in the paranormal and/or supernatural genre? After giving it much thought, here is why it is so different!

The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy is far from the normal werewolf, vampire, elf, or other fantasy books.  It is nothing like you have ever read before, and why I wrote an# ADULT #SUPERNATURAL book. 


This link will give you a chance to Read the 1st Two Chapters of book 1 ~ Mating ~

It is not out of the realm to say that a great many, if not most, supernatural/fantasy books are #targeted to teens between twelve and eighteen. Many women between the ages of eighteen and sixty are either publicly, or “secretly”, #readers of supernatural/fantasy teen books.  However, it is not just teenagers who like to see themselves as a “heroine”, but they would like to receive “supernatural powers”, too, but with adult #themes.  What they want added is far more intense, and explicit, writing which would not be appropriate for teenage books. Because I realized that I was not alone in these same wants, I wrote “The White Wolf Prophecy: Mating“, Book One (a Trilogy) to be followed by a fourth supplemental book in the line – “The White Wolf Prophecy: Children of The White Wolf”. I specifically incorporate not only the supernatural/fantasy, but adult themes for women..  This includes #love, #romance, laughter, #sex #scenes, supernatural abilities, family, #evil, and so much more. 

After speaking with several #women within this age group, I discovered a great need for supernatural/fantasy books for adult women.  One of the best examples of this as fact is the huge popularity of  “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  Women want so much more than a teenage book can deliver. I believe my book is exactly what they want based on research, the reviews I have received, and the excitement for the second book before the first proof book was ever received. I, also targeted this age range, because as our population ages, the majority of readers will be within this age group, and will be buying most all books.  And, this is something everyone needs to consider seriously.

Based on #5-star #reviews received from women, as well as a man who asked to read and review it, the excitement for Book 2 has brought forth begging me for Book 2 – “The White Wolf Prophecy: “Hall of Records”.  They cannot wait to find out what happens.  Also, those who have read the first two #chapters in the PDF supplied online have been excited, want more, and want to purchase the book.  All of the reviews just reinforce the proof that women’s desire for their own supernatural books is wanted en masse, but with more romance, sex in detail, #danger, evil, a true plot, along with character #development that moves along

In addition, many women have wondered, and asked me, why only teenagers are given “supernatural powers”, and at such young ages. It is strange to them that “supernatural #powers” should be given to those who are  teenagers, have not experienced #life, and do not have the ability to wield them.  It has not been lost on adults that  teenagers are just about the only available books with adults who appear either dumb, or the parent(s), or adult in their life, cannot handle the supernatural world, and the teenager(s) hide the fact from the adults in their life when the opposite should be the case.

This is not to say that the teenage books do not have their place. An adult woman, however, should not need to resort to books for teenagers due to the lack of #mature books.  My intent was to merge all of these ingredients into a book series for women adding full, mature themes.  Thus, in my book, “supernatural powers” do not come into being until the age of twenty-seven when my #heroine, Kaitlan, receives her “supernatural powers”.  

The book is an entirely different twist on the supernatural world of fantasy with #werewolves, #vampires, #elves, as well as #humans.   While it revolves around werewolves, a curse cast thousands of years before changed the world which changed all the supernatural races.  The White Wolf Prophecy is the key upon the appearance of The White Wolf.  The races of Earth are in #clans. Vampires have a partial cure where they do not need blood all the time, the ability to go out into the light, function normally, and can eat real food.  Elves hold all the secrets, and a human becomes supernatural. 

“The White Wolf Prophecy: Mating“, Book One, holds all the elements of the supernatural fantasies for adult women who feel they have very few choices. Based on my research, I believe that my book gives adult women exactly what they are craving. Love, romance, #mating, sex, danger, evil, and supernatural powers are all inclusive with a mystery plot, and heavy character development that is not stagnant.  And, an ending in Book three that will blow all of it out of the water! 

There is a huge, untapped #market for women in supernatural/fantasy #books.  And… I decided to tap it!  





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How I Write without Counting Words


I’ve been asked by other authors – numerous times – “How many words do you write a day?” Well, the answer is I don’t pay attention to word count – ever!  The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy even has an ending unlike any you have never read!

So, why don’t I count my words per day?  That’s another question I have been asked when they hear my answer.  I don’t count how many words per day, or per page, or whatever, simply because my concentration is fully focused on my story.   It is far more important to me than how many I write a day.

While I understand other writers pay close attention to this, I just don’t.  I’ve tried it, and I found that I totally lose focus on the story and the plot.  I found myself losing the continuity, and my entire idea when I did so.  I stopped.  I found it useless, and a lot of trouble.  Those who like to write this way I support 100%, but I just cannot do it that way.

For me, a story should flow from a writer’s heart and mind as they work together. Weaving a story isn’t easy, and the biggest problem is continuity.  When I tried to count the words, I discovered that my continuity along with my plot suffered terribly.  I stopped counting.  Once I did, the continuity and plot returned to me.  After that, I made a promise to myself that I will never use a word count again.

When I used to read, before I began to write, I was totally puzzled when I read word count where I bought my books.  As a reader, it’s not important – at least it wasn’t to me. I honestly never understood it, and I still do not.

I decided to use my own imagination in my writing.  So, I write a uniquely different way.

When I write, I stop when I get to a place I know I need a “book boost”. That’s what I call it.  I write by scenes – much in the way a #radio and/or #television script write does. They use things like story boards and conversation as to how each scene should look, what should be said, and how it should be acted.

What do I do this?  I am a visual person.  I can “see” what something should look like in my mind before I write it.  I applied this same thing to designing my book covers as well.

I separate the book into scenes.  Then, I, literally, write the entire scene in my mind before I ever sit down to write it – even if I wake up in the middle of the night!  By doing it this way, I can even “write” while I am at work! While I do this rarely, and when I’m alone (so I don’t look like an idiot talking to myself – well, any more than usual, that is! 😉 ), I will even act the scene out loud. By acting it out, anything that has me stumped usually is resolved quickly.

Once the scene is fully in my mind, I sit down, and write the entire scene.  Once several scenes are written, then, I review them. I add and subtract from it.

One might say that I’d never get through with my books this way.  Well, this is how I wrote the White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy – all three books – in just 3 months.  Of course, that is when I had more time on my hands, and didn’t have an outside job.

As of now, I’m working on two series – one a supplemental to the White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy concerning the children of the werewolves.  The second series is a whole new idea that I came up with, and so far, it fun to write!  While it has a temporary name that I am not yet ready to release, I do have a preliminary concept of a book cover.  I will share it with you here. I’ll leave you guessing for a bit! If you have an idea, let me know @lkkelley1 on Twitter!

In addition to that, I have no less than 10 other books that I am working on as well.  I cannot wait to finish this new series for you to read!

So, this is the answer to my most asked question from other authors. I’m not telling you this to try and change anyone’s mind.  I just thought I’d answer the question so everyone can read it!  Thank you for reading!

My Book Interview on Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics

It is fitting that my first #book #interview call-in should be a great TV show like Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics with hosts Deadgar Winter, Victoria Bathory, and Celeste.

I had never done anything like this before. Oh, I’ve been on TV, but not like this. Not for anything personal. I had the best time ever with these group of people! It was fun, and they had me laughing at every turn from the moment of the “mic” check to the call after the show. They cracked me up during that as well, and yet were so professional, I was amazed!

The show is hilarious, and they host old television horror flicks – something I absolutely love! Deadgar asked me a while back what my favorite horror movie was. I couldn’t believe that the very first thing out of my mouth was “The Raven” in 1963 with none other than horror greats Vincent Price, Boris Karlov, Peter Lorre, and our own, contemporary Jack Nicholson.

When you have that many greats, you know there’s bound to be some hilarious exploits, and the movie delivered! So, he put “The Raven” on for me a few months ago. He had already invited me to come on the show, but my work schedule was the pits, and I had to find a time when I’d be off so I could devote my time without rush. I mean, I didn’t want to embarrass him, or myself. I do so much better with the written word!

But, Thursday, March 12, 2015 was the perfect day! I sort of knew how things worked due to my own daughter who had been in TV for several years as a producer, but the statistics eluded me. After the mic test, I waited for about 20 minutes until I was on the show.

It was so strange for me to talk to them knowing someone was taping it! But, they put me at ease, and had me laughing. I had to think on my feet. I was prepared for the questions about my book, but not for the off-the-cuff things. However, it was hard not to be able to work with them on the spur of the moment answers.

I highly recommend this show! Wisconsin is so darned lucky to have these amazing vampire characters who have all kinds of comical friends join them on occasion. Quite frankly, I wish I could have been on the set, because they are so much fun! He has been on Channel 14 for the last 2 years, and the show has received numerous rewards. In addition, these wonderful people are extremely active within their community, and have all kinds of fun with their fans!

So, I had the best time, and it went so fast, it was over before I knew it! It was awesome, and I loved every second of it! Thank you, guys, for having me on your show. I can’t thank you all enough!

A Sidenote:  I don’t wear garlic around my neck, because this Werewolf LOVES Vampires!

~~~ LK Kelley, author of the White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy ~~~

From Deadar Winter’s #Website:


You can see our TV show in the Kenosha area on Ch. 14 Thursday nights at 9:30pm and Sunday nights at Midnight.

 In the Milwaukee are we on Ch 14 on Friday nights at Midnight, Saturday nights at 10:30pm and Sunday nights at midnight. 

You can also see the show on AT&T U verse ch 99. go to your local links.

You can also see the show out in Jefferson county on ch. 987  check your listings.

If you don’t get those channels you can go on the internet and watch us on  Milwaukeecommunitymedia.com 

We are also on YouTube and the Livestream/Vortex… 

 For our favorite clips you can now watch them on Youtube.com  Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics.

The link will be up in about 2 weeks so you can hear it!  I can’t wait!



Writing The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy by guest author LK Kelley

Val Penny's Book Reviews

I stumbled into being a book editor in October of 2012 having been asked to edit a book for a friend who is an author in Wisconsin, USA. Even though I live in Arkansas, with today’s technology, of course, one can work anywhere in the world. For the next several months, I LKedited books using my minor in English when in college. I never thought to turn that into something like book editing. For the next several months, I edited until July of 2013. I had been reading books on the paranormal, but most of these were targeting teens. But, I was not satisfied with these, because I began to ask why in the world only teens were given these amazing powers, and why couldn’t an adult be given these powers when they were older. I also wanted more adult situations.

I knew that most adult women loved these situations…

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